Lead with Intention.
Ignite your Impact

One of the biggest challenges facing leaders in business today is decision making. We often rely on data and logic to support our most important decisions. However, recent discoveries in neuroscience show that intuitive intelligence is one of the most powerful leadership tools—and it’s highly underutilized.

Cutting-edge research shows that when we go with our instincts, we make accurate decisions 90% of the time.


We train leaders of all kinds—from entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit leaders, changemakers, managers, and executives, to graduate students—to become high-impact leaders. We help them strengthen and apply their intuitive intelligence and equip them with the tools and support they need along the way.

Plan an interactive, impactful workshop for groups of all sizes.

Set the tone for your upcoming event with a breakout session or keynote speech.

Create a strategy with our guidance to define and reach your goals.

We facilitate a variety of workshops and bootcamps to empower your audience.