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Your workshops tailored specifically for our SAIS Women Lead practicum program and provided students with the tools they need to produce successful and impactful project designs and work plans this year.”

Kent Elizabeth Davis-Packard, Ph.D
Johns Hopkins University

Leadership Intuition: Hone Yours NOW!

Are you a leader, business owner, entrepreneur or manager? Then you know how it feels when you have to make important decisions, deal with negotiations, improve team dynamics on the spot… among all your other responsibilities. Where do you start? Well, there is one skill — leadership intuition — that will steer you through new challenges and guide you to lead people well.

Leadership intuition delivers valuable foresight to not only business owners, managers and employees, but also to all the potential clients we serve. Innovazing will share tools and approaches to strengthening and honing your intuition as a leader. Innovazing’s Founder & CEO, Grant Erhuanga, pioneered a revolutionary approach blending intuition, communication, and leadership.

At this workshop, you will discover how the brain processes past experiences, lessons learned, and other cues to help it make powerful decisions: a process which takes place at a subconscious level.

You will also learn how to:
  • Activate your extrasensory perception, a.k.a. your “sixth sense”
  • Build habits to use your instincts to act swiftly, decisively, and confidently
  • Hone and obtain knowledge about situations without necessarily having anything on which to base the acquisition
  • Distinguish between imagination and intuition
  • Incorporate and use your newly developed extrasensory perception regularly and make better decisions

Leadership for Changemakers: Maximize Your Impact

Are you passionate about making an impact but feel distant from those you are meant to serve? Do you feel like you haven’t stepped into the leader you’re meant to be? In this workshop, you’ll discover powerful leadership practices that, when fully embraced, create the conditions for people to move together from vision to action in extraordinary new ways. You’ll learn how to activate your own leadership style and create an Epic Impact Plan to walk your walk in the world. Whether you’re hoping to start a new project or already leading a social impact initiative, this workshop will help you:
  • Discover your highest-impact leadership style
  • Remove any blocks that keep you from your maximum impact
  • Get clear on the steps to move from vision into action
  • Create an Epic Impact Plan with manageable steps to propel you forward
  • Gain an appreciation of how your interior condition serves as a foundation for intentional leadership Effective impact leadership doesn’t have to be hard if you learn to show up in the world as the leader you’re meant to be instead of trying so hard to fit into someone else’s idea of how you should be.

    Even if you are already seeing results in your impact leadership, this workshop will support you in getting to the next level by:
  • Honing your leadership to connect more deeply with the people you’re meant to serve
  • Getting clarity on your goals, vision, and strategy that will make your impact initiative successful and sustainable
  • Creating an innovative impact plan that will give you momentum, marketability, and support This workshop is ideal for international development professionals, social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, community-based leaders, foundation officers, creatives, mediators, educators, coaches, and change agents of all kinds.

The “NOW” Goal Setting Workshop

Have you tried different goal setting strategies and still feel like you’re spinning on a hamster wheel? Do big, long-term goals seem overwhelming and impossible to achieve?

Goals are the foundation of our lives and businesses. As leaders, setting them is one thing, but executing them is much easier said than done.

Innovazing has a unique approach to goal setting for people aiming to make and experience a change NOW.

Even if you’ve achieved some goals using other models, this workshop will help you:
  • Bring your results up a notch 
  • Improve your system thinking during goal formulation and execution
  • Motivate and refresh the passion that ultimately drives you In this workshop, you will learn Innovazing’s proven formula to get ultra clear throughout the goal-setting process.
Participants will learn the true value and meaning of goals and how goals are connected to their life experiences. You will also:
  • Learn a simple and proven model to set goals that yields a “NOW” result.
  • Create goals uniquely tailored to your life, career and future aspirations
  • Define an attainable, yet practical, metric of measuring a successful goal.
  • Construct your Innovazing Individual Goal Setting Plan (IIGSP)

At the end of this  workshop, you will walk out forming goals that get fulfilled.

Mastering Body Language for Business

What you say is not nearly as important as how you say it:

93% of communication is nonverbal. Entrepreneurs face many body language challenges while starting their business, especially since they wear many hats.

Mastering simple body language techniques can help you save costs, get higher returns, increase your bottom line, and make connections to sustain your business. In this workshop, Innovazxing will share body language tips and tricks to increase your sales, win negotiations, and build rapport with your team members and clients.

Social Impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Social entrepreneurs, whether aspiring or experienced, will learn how to take their ideas into action, or grow their current businesses to increase their impact using our tools to build innovative strategies.