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Focused, crisp, exciting, and full of possibilities.

Grant and Saleema not only give me strategies for changing old habits, but they constructively challenge my preconceptions so that I see the value and productiveness of new approaches to effective communication, strategic networking, client relations and organizational management. It’s like going to the optometrist for the first time and suddenly realizing that there is such a thing as 20/20 vision.

Rocio Rodriguez

Country Director, Save The Children

Clarity, inspiration, and an action plan… could not have asked for more!.

I thought my session with Saleema would only focus on my marketing strategy, but it was extremely powerful and made me shift my business niche in a direction that feels a lot better to me and where so many opportunities lie. Not only do I have a comprehensive but manageable to-do list to work on over the next few weeks, but I also feel inspired to fully embrace the new direction I’m taking with having veganism be a big part of my message and mission.

Tess Rafferty

Vegan Lifestyle Coach

I’m always exceptionally impressed with Saleema’s ability to bring forth new and innovative perspectives to my businesses.

I highly recommend Saleema as a consultant as she has been a tremendous help to my business and personal life. She is extremely resourceful, know how to identify and address my skills gaps, and helped me develop a results-based action plan. With Saleema’s background in business development and her ability to think strategically, she brings a lot of experience and wisdom to our conversations.

Moataz Elobeid

UX Architect, World Bank

Saleema “got” me immediately, and got my desire to build a business would have a huge impact but also financially sustain me.

I was feeling a little lost in making clear decisions on how to position my business–and I didn’t realize how stuck I’d gotten, at some level hoping someone else would make those decisions.

She helped guide me to answers that came from within, and aligned with a growth plan.

I am grateful for my “aha” moments, a direct result of Saleema’s probing questions and her encouraging me to go deeper. I am finally excited about what the future holds.

Laura Ellen

Life Transformation Coach

Saleema is very knowledgable about the process of getting buyers from awareness to decision.

Applying her expertise to navigating my website gave me a lot of ideas of how to streamline that journey as well as making it more appealing and user-friendly. She makes an excellent trainer and enjoys teaching—it takes one to spot one! Working with Saleema would be extremely helpful to many new business owners who haven’t had marketing as a main role in past jobs.

Kate Ryan Ure

Life Transformation Coach

Grant gave me the tools that I needed to shoot higher, take the leap and finally step out of my comfort zone.

Instead of focusing on the past, or on the ways that I had previously dealt with issues, we focused on the present and the best ways to grow into the future. Also, there was a focus on myself as a whole (professional, personal, mind, body, etc) instead of individual areas of my life.  It was a comprehensive growth experience. Working with Grant was the best investment I have ever made for myself.

Daniel Ademinokan


Once you start the journey with them, Saleema and Grant tap into your unique potential and draw things out of you that you never even knew were there.

When it comes to career and life coaching, Saleema and Grant are the best coaches you can ask for. They are truly inspirational and I recommend anyone to sit down, strap down and enjoy the journey. You will definitely end it by growing more than you ever thought you would.

Soledad Guerrero

Senior Program Analyst

Saleema is skilled at helping people understand what their needs are and creating strategies that are aligned to them in order to achieve results.

Saleema is a fantastic active listener and is highly intuitive. She helps me get clear on what I really want and is great at goal-setting in a way that works for me. With coaching there are two layers: 1) the practical action steps and 2) having the confidence and persistence to go and do it. She was able to help me with both. If I had only one without the other, I would have been lost.

Elizabeth Bellingrath McClure

Life Coach, Pichi

She literally changed my life—the things I learned through her guidance are principles that I use till this day.

Saleema helped me see myself in a whole new way by showing me what was awesome, as well as which parts needed some extra care. I don’t feel it was something I would have figured out on my own. I didn’t recognize my own inner pain because I had accepted it as a part of me that I would always carry.

Kami Lynn
Court Researcher

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