5 Podcast Preparation Tips

Prepare for your podcast experience on “Ignite Your Impact”

Thank you for participating on our podcast! We can’t wait to share your story with our audience. Until then, we want to provide you with some information which will make our session even more entertaining and powerful.

1. Let us know what matters to you.

Of course, we’ve already done some research on your inspiring story and know how hard it is to fit it into our 20 minute format. Thus, we have to select and focus on the most important issues. Please provide us with 2 or 3 potential topics that are really meaningful to you. By doing so, we are able to take into account your individual preferences and might even find out about topics we would have missed otherwise.

2. With a few technical tricks, you will sound amazing!

Our interview will be conducted via Skype. Please add the username “saleemavellani” if you haven’t been added already. Since Skype constantly improves its service, it’s important that you have the latest version installed in order to ensure the best possible sound quality.

Please make sure you have a stable internet connection. We can’t bear the thought of you being cut off in the middle of your story due to a connection error!

While using Skype, please close down other programs and turn off all notifications. This will not only help with the internet speed and ensure a clear recording without lags, but the last thing you want is a random “beep”, “knock”, or “ding” while speaking!

If you have a microphone, please use it! It will increase the sound quality. If you have earphones, that will help boost the audio quality as well and reduce the chances of echoing. It’s helpful to do a tech check before getting started.


3. Environment matters.

This podcast is about you. Please share your story in the environment it deserves. Find a quiet, comfortable spot with a high broadband connection and minimal background noise and create an environment where you can be fully present

If you would like, take some notes with the most important keywords you want to mention in your talk. It’s great to go with the flow and be spontaneous, as this is really just a conversation, but there may be certain things you want to highlight in your story.


4. Know what to expect.

Our recorded interview will be about 20 minutes long. The best and most enjoyable way to familiarize yourself with “Ignite your Impact” is to have a sneak peak at former episodes!

To us, the most important goal is to have an amazing conversation with you. By sharing your story, we want to acknowledge you and share your mission and, thus, inspire fellow innovators, influencers, and impact leaders.

We may cover some of the following questions:

  • Who is your most important role model? Why?
  • What impact do you strive to have with your career or business?
  • How did your career or business develop?
  • What were the important steps you took?
  • What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?
  • Which tools proved to be useful?
  • What is the best environment you can work in and how do you come up with your best ideas?
  • How did/does intuition play a role? How can you increase your self-awareness?
  • What are three pieces of advice you would give to other entrepreneurs or aspiring leaders?
  • What is your favorite quote? (Either yours or someone else’s)

5. Talk, talk, talk.


If you’re not used to public speaking, have never been interviewed for a podcast, or just feeling nervous about this experience, this tip is for you. Often, you just know whether you are able to do something in the moment you actually do it. Try answering some of the above questions out loud! Practice is essential for two reasons: First, telling your story will help you find the best way to structure and present it. Second, experience will enable you to be confident and spontaneously react and simply enjoy our podcast experience. Another valuable tool is to record yourself with your smartphone!


Feel free to reach out to Saleema at saleema@innovazing.com.

We look forward to our interview—and don’t forget: The most important goal for us is to have fun!

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