On January 26, Wonder Women Tech hosted the Washington DC Global Summit at the Ronald Reagan Center downtown. If you are unfamiliar with Wonder Women Tech, the summits are focused around the intersectionality of people within the STEAM industries. During the event, there are a series of workshops, a career fair, and top-notch speakers that come together under one space to help empower women and the underrepresented. While there are too many awesome things to highlight, we picked our five favorite things about the Wonder Women Tech experience.

1. Amazingly Empowering Speakers

One of the major highlights of Wonder Women Tech is the lineup of speakers. The programming is very unique and immersive, unlike traditional conferences, and the talks covered a broad range of topics such as Virtual Reality, fostering inclusive environments in the workplace, and there was even a panel where men discussed feminism from their perspective and how to give women a platform within the workplace. Each of the speakers were very skilled in their industries and were extremely knowledgeable about their topics. Overall, the speakers were engaging and inspiring and were one of the aspects that make Wonder Women Tech a great experience for all attendees, regardless of their background. It was especially fantastic to have our COO deliver a TED-style talk on “Driving Social Innovation Through High Impact Leadership” and share her inspiring story. The main takeaway from her talk is that innovation starts from within you, it starts with “i”, as we have to learn to empathize with ourselves first in order to empathize with others.

2. Incredible Networking… That Feels Good!

Sometimes networking can feel draining, or it can be really awkward—you know when you end up in a conversation you want to escape from. When we left Wonder Women Tech Global Summit DC, we were exhausted, of course, but in an exciting and inspiring way. Every single conversation was meaningful and wonderful since the event was organized in such a way that it felt like a safe space for people to have authentic conversations. Everyone was warm and open to making great connections with each other.


There were many opportunities to network and I don’t mean by just walking up to someone or chatting with the person next to you. The conference had a career fair, expo, mentoring roundtables, workshops, a resume lounge, and events in the days leading up to the main event as well as an after-party, so there were so many ways to organically meet people and have REAL conversations. Overall, Wonder Women Tech is a great space for women and the underrepresented to come together to empower each other while making lasting connections, and we’ll definitely be seeing familiar faces at the Wonder Women Tech events in London and Long Beach.

3. Great Representation of Intersections

Wonder Women Tech really practices what they preach. They talk about diversity and inclusion, and you truly see this at their events. Wonder Women Tech did a great job of creating an inclusive environment that encouraged people of all backgrounds to attend the event. A large number of people across different intersections and industries that were present accurately represented the ecosystem Wonder Women Tech promotes which made the summit enjoyable for all. One thing that really stood out to us was that this isn’t just a tech conference focused on women in tech. This conference is for anyone and everyone that is open to learning about industries they are currently in or curious about, and that is interested in social innovation, diversity and inclusion, and even remotely interested in the role technology plays in our world, whether at an introductory or at an advanced level. There is something magical when people from different industries come together and collaborate 

4. Unique, Innovative Businesses


There were various companies that participated in Wonder Women Tech. Many of these companies had creative products that related to the STEAM industries. For example, the company Dress Code sold hardware-style bracelets that unlock a coding lesson every time you purchase a bracelet, and part of the purchase was donated to Wonder Women Tech Foundation. Dress Code merges fashion and technology to educate women and girls about computer science, coding, and STEM. INGLOT, an innovative cosmetics company, also sponsored the event, and officially launched their partnership with GlamSquad, which is an on-demand, in-home beauty service, and they were preparing the speakers before they went on stage. The businesses in attendance were fun, innovative, and left the attendees feeling inspired.

5. A Truly Inclusive and Welcoming Environment


The amount of representation at Wonder Women Tech made it an enjoyable experience for many attendees across different intersections. From the diverse dialogue the speakers engaged in, to accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing, Wonder Women Tech put their message of diversity and inclusion into action. We especially enjoyed facilitating our Leadership For Changemakers workshop with individuals from such a wide variety of industries. Magic always happens when industries come together and collaborate.

Overall, Wonder Woman Tech was an incredible event and we are definitely going to be at their future events. Although we only listed a few of our favorite things about the conference, there are countless reasons that made the event enjoyable for all who participated. Wonder Women Tech was a fantastic educational experience that will continue to inspire women and the underrepresented to dive into the field of STEAM.


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