We often come up with innovative ideas and once in awhile, we build up enough courage to start a business. Whether our goal is to make the world a better place, sell a unique product or service in high demand… or just experience the work-life balance other entrepreneurs seem to have. “Seem to have” eventually turns into an illusion as we often become overwhelmed as new business owners. Actually, not really. You CAN create the lifestyle you want by practicing some of these tips.

So you’ve set up an LLC and figured out some of the basics. But it’s still not as easy as you thought. It’s taking longer than you thought to build a website, design a logo, figure out your brand and messaging. What about clients? It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed as a new business owner, and just know that you’re not alone.

There has been a time when we, the team of Innovazing, have been in a similar position. Our company evolved to an all-consuming project which we didn’t want to let go off – since it was such a precious endeavor.It still is. However, at one point we realized that we achieve higher results when we let work to a certain extend. Sounds fantastic, right? Read along and find out more – we are happy to share our experiences with you!

Go for a walk.

There is an indefinite value in a tiny piece of break: Getting a breath of fresh air and exercising is an awesome creative outlet. Even though we shouldn’t compromise on exercising, new business owners often give up some of their activities to spend more time on getting things going. However, this is an erroneous approach!

“If you don’t open your mind, nothing new can get in.” In order to find new solutions for old problems, it’s vital not toget stuck on an issue. Changing the perspective will help you freeing resources and coming up with ideas you would have never dreamed of.

Keeping your inner balance is essential to provide you with the energy to pursue a sustainable goal and you will never find this balance when stubbornly staring at your screen for hours. Taking frequent breaks and going for walks can not only make you more productive, but also more creative. (Find out more about this topic in our post on creativity!)


Network, network, network.

Whether you want to learn a new skill or go to an event that interests you, getting out there is super important. It’s easy to get stuck at your desk but this can lead to burnout.

Rethink things. What really drives you? If you’re not hungry, you may end up putting things off or not putting your heart into building your business. And your potential clients will feel it too, as much as you try to hide it. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right skills or that you need to ditch your idea altogether, it just means you need to get clear on why you feel the way you feel.

Starting a business is not easy and comes with all sorts of emotions. Is there a fear that you won’t be able to shine as much as you hoped? Do you feel like you get affected easily by how people respond to your business idea or you become overly sensitive about how your clients feel?

Have you ever thought about HOW your words and actions come across nonverbally? Check out Innovazing’s new eBook on body language here



Be courageous – relinquish control.

You’re an inspiring person and a remarkable entrepreneur. Of course, you know best what content to put on your homepage, what design to use as a newsletter template or which topics to feature in a presentation. However, you neither have the time nor the energy to take care of every detail of the challenges you face.

Therefore, it’s important to let things go. The most astonishing feature of a leader is that he doesn’t feel the urge to stick to power when it isn’t absolutely necessary. Learn to delegate tasks to your environment and to trust in the people you surround yourself with. There is a reason that you chose them as co-founders, employees, friends.

Of course, abandoning control goes hand in hand with making yourself vulnerable. However, it’s worth the risk. After all, expanding your team and abandoning control opens up the invaluable benefits of complementing mindsets and new fresh inputs – and gives you the space to focus on the aspects which really matter to you.

Engage in pursuing realistic goals.

Do you succeed in what you are doing? This question is by no means easy to answer! First of all, you cannot measure what you didn’t define beforehand. Thus, take a minute to spend a thought on strategy and tactics!

Take paper and pencil and get started with your overall vision. What is the passion behind your business? Which problem out there do you want to solve? What’s the destiny and destination of your business?

If your notes seem quite vague and equally overwhelming, you absolutely succeeded! In order to pursue your vision, you need to break down your vision into smaller tactical actions. What are important steps do you need to accomplish? Which intermediate objectives do you see on your way?

As you see, we come closer to  reality. Let’s talk about today. What tasks do you want to achieve? Here as well, write them down and monitor your progress. This approach will provide you with a clear structure of your work which will lift off a huge burden.

Do you know road sweeper Beppo of Michael Ende’s novel “Momo”? Let the wise insights of literature guide your path as an entrepreneur!


Be proud of your achievements!

Another important feature of setting yourself small, realistic goals is quite obvious: Sooner or later, you will achieve them. In those instances, take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and – take a short break!

Such rituals are crucial since they provide you with new energy and a sense of accomplishment. Launching a business is a persistent venture. You can easily run out of steam if you don’t recognize your success on the small level.

Therefore: be realistic. What you are achieving every day, every few hours, is a big deal. Completing an article, finding a new customer, setting up a newsletter – those are aspects you definitely can cherish and be proud of!

We, the team of Innovazing, are living up to this lifestyle. For sure, they are still there, the moments in which we are desperately overwhelmed. However, they become less and less. By practicing our five secrets, we manage to keep the energy and stamina to live up to our vision: Making the world better by helping change makers create the lives and businesses they want.



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